Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Title: *Trusting God's Victory*

Title: *Trusting God's Victory*

1 Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, which giveth us

the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ.


Success need 

Not be a mystery
All Christian soldiers
Throughout history
Believed in trusting 
Upon God's victory.

With abundant Faith 
In The Son,
Certain the victory's 
Already been won.
Not just fighting 
Well or swell,
But fully demolishing
The strongholds of hell.

In God is no, 
Possibility for defeat
And my salvation 
Is now complete.
It's the devil
Who cannot take 
The heat,
And so must run,
Hide, and retreat.

The strength
I use is, 
Not my own,
For I rely on 
Christ alone.
Bestowing me
The winner's crown
He seats me on 
The victor's thrown.

Thus, I do battle 
And I'm secure,
Of matching straight
To Heaven's door.


Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola

(copyright: 23.Jun.2015 - ARR)


Friday, 12 June 2015

Title: *POETS ARE*

Title: *LAUGHTER* - Visual prayer art by Rev.Bola

Title: *POETS ARE*

Poets are not rough;
Poets are rugged
Poets are tough.

Poets are not petulant;
Poets are sensitive
Poets are verdant.

Poets are not tempestuous;
Poets are electric
Poets are industrious.

Poets are not infatuated;
Poets are curious
Poets are emancipated.

Poets are not morbid;
Poets are solemn
Poets are fluid.

Poets are not wistful;
Poets are innocent
Poets are wishful.

Poets are sunny
- And funny.

Poets are fearful
- And tearful.

Poets are right
- And bright.

Poets are wrong
- And strong.

Poets are believers
- And receivers.

Poets are broken
- And outspoken.

Poets are exotic
- And hypnotic.

Poets are subjective
- And objective

Poets are special
- And reverential.

Poets are writers
- And fighters.

Poets are our kin
And family.
Poets are just like,
You and me.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 5 May 2015 -ARR]


Title: *The Living Love Way*

Title: *The Living Love Way*

Living in Love,
The living love way,
My loving love,
And living,
Are here to stay.
Love for tomorrow,
Love for today,
Love when in sorrow,
Love when I pray,
I will be living Love,
The loving love way.
Whether love 
I must borrow,
Or love I must pay,
I'll forever love living,
The living love way.
Love when I'm sad,
Love when I'm gay,
The living love way.

Living Love and Light

Title: *God Is With Us*

Title: *Sacral Center Energizer* - Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

Title: *God Is With Us*

Always showing appreciation
In your expression of salvation
Nothing keeps you down
Spreading sunshine all around
Never abandoning responsibilities
Blessed with talent and abilities
Motivating people for the better
Following Scripture to the letter
Your smile lights up the day
With heaven's power on display
A blessing to know
Of a peaceful glow
Seldom swayed by others
Never a love that smothers
So awesome
To blossom
Nothing ties you down
Of exuberance renown
Ever humble
Never to grumble
Ever exciting
Always inviting.

Thus by your
Sweet presence,
We know God
Is with us.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 9Jun2015 -ARR]


Saturday, 31 January 2015



A Biblical Solution
For the New Year
Trials are Proof
Of the Father's Care
The Leap In The Dark
Secure as Noah's ark
God Is Able
To keep you stable!
Try and Try Again
Your efforts won't
Be in vain
"In His Name"
Troubles become tame
The Courage To
Make Mistakes
Gain Inspiration
As your true
Joy awakes.

Glory to God
In the Highest
Our father is
Never biased
Power To Obey God
For His Glory
And to understand
Our human story
The Patience of Job
Evangelized around
The globe
What Do You See?
Multiple blessings
Flowing for thee.
Cast Yourself at
The Lord's Feet
Your life will
Be complete.

Cast Your Burdens
Upon The Lord
Trust will be
Your just reward.
Seek God's guidance,
Not man's advice
For by His Grace
You need not
Think twice
Don't Give Up!
Never ever stop
God Shall Strengthen You
Adopt His Loving
Point of view.
When We Are
Ready To Fall,
He hears our call
God Lifts Us Up
To share in His
Everlasting cup.

It Isn't Circumstances
That Defeat You
It's believing in things,
That are generally untrue.
Facing All Without
Wavering, sing
Lest back the door
Of sin should spring.
Treat Others with
Dignity and Respect
Delivering what you
Expect to get.
Christmas Blessings
Lifestyle lessons
Refrain From Anger
Give kindness
To a stranger
Hands To The Plow
Staying present
In the now.

The Most Profound
Thing In Our Lives
Is our preparation
For when the Lord arrives
Conquering Indecision
Overcoming superstition
God's Instrument
Joyful and content
Ground Your Confidence
In the Rock of Ages
As you grow through
The various stages.
Faith In God's Name
Eradicates all shame
True Decisions
Require Action
Strive to overcome
Awakening to the Truth
An Education from youth.

Courage and Perseverance
Overcoming interference
Making Life Joyful
Whether warm
Cold or cool
The Power of Christ's
Mighty Word
The healing of
His precious blood
God's Purpose
In Our Lives
All for which
Man diligently strives
The toxic effects
Of hate
A degenerate,
Degraded state
What Is Defeat?
Is it striding muffled
Down a back street?

What is God's Will
For You Today?
Could that be
What you must obey?
The Difference between
Hating and Loving
Are the after effects
Of pushing and shoving
God Knows Our
Life affords us
Frequent chances
God's Armory
Protects His devotee
God's Spiritual Pharmacy
Anoints our human family.

The sin of self-pity
Merely belittles me.
Through Grace
God satisfies our
Soul with Jesus
O what peace
For all believers
Praise Him with all joy
Praise Him girl or boy
Effective living
Is measured by
What we overcome
And not by
The challenges
That we keep
Running from
Grumbling fixes nothing
Neither does bluffing.
Our greatest selves
Is where our wisdom dwells
Be patient with others
They are your
Sisters and brothers

So important is
Trusting Christ's
Sufficiency in our lives
As theft from others
Is extremely unwise.
Trusting in the
Ways of God
Believing forever
In the lord.
Resist the devil
And he will flee
By the words of God
That you decree
The Grace and
Sweetness of Christ
Means you can
Always think twice
About sin
Salvation is God's idea
Upon the cross
Our sins did bare
The fullness of
Jesus our master
Helps our deliverance
From sin ever faster.

Resist the devil
By submitting to God
Put your trust and
Faith in the Lord
Crisis and opportunity
Mean blessings
And accountability
The difference between
Visions and Principles
Is as certain
As humans and animals
Loving God with
All our souls
As we each
Identify our roles
The futile pursuit
For happiness
Can often lead
To unhelpful stress
Facing our inner selves
Is precisely where
Our responsibility dwells
Fasten to God's
Unchangeable nature
Behaving as a born
Again Christian
With stature

God's eternal joy
By our wisdom
We duly employ
Our anchor in every storm
As fellowship with Christ
Becomes our norm
The joyful expectancy
Of true faith
Makes prayer more
Powerful than haith
Have you become
A Christian based
On your own terms?
Or are you doing
What the Lord confirms?
Waters of Life
Healer of strife
Freedom from the past
No longer outcast
Guard both weakness
And strength
Obey the word
At any length
Our desire to heal
We no longer
Can conceal.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
- with CIR Admin Titles.
(copyright: 14.Jan.2015 -ARR)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Title: *Christ Our Anchor*

Title: *Christ Our Anchor*
Today our Father says
I hear your prayers 
Receive my breath
Arise from death. 
Breathe in my Grace
Look into my Smiling Face 
Breathe in my ministry
Breathe out my sovereignty.
It's so amazing to fathom 
How I breathed into Adam 
Who then became 
A living soul
Complete and perfectly whole
Endowed with authority 
To extend his community
Family and dominion 
Over several billion
He was given birth
To subdue the earth 
Extracting from it
A heavenly place to sit
And receive the blessings 
The many exciting lessons 
I created for him to live by.
In reaching for the sky
Notice how many are those
Which bloom of summer rose 
Born again life-giving spirits,
Sharpening all their merits, 
Recreated in Christ,

Invited but never enticed

Ministered by angels
Taking it in turn to
Ring the church bells
This is who
You are beloved
Keep that truth
 In your head
Understand what
it constitutes
Accept no substitutes. 
Refuse all bad
 Images of man
I am your biggest fan
Refuse all those 
Images of failure 
Push them right 
Out the door.
Permit not those shadows
Of past deeds and things
An attempt to clip 
Your precious wings
You are not a failure
Nor are you a bore. 
You are not without hope
You have tremendous scope. 
No, your future
 Is not bleak. 
For, even as we speak
This very hour,
You are a
Principality and Power
Sanctioned by 
The shed blood
Of Calvary
To set man free 
To go out
And quench all doubt 
And to demonstrate 
With love not hate
Who I AM
In all the earth.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 4.Jan.2015 -ARR]


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Title: *The Leap In The Dark

Matthew 21:21 

And Jesus answered and said to them,
 "Truly I say to you, if you have
faith and do not doubt, 
you will not only do what was done to the fig tree,
but even if you say to this mountain,
 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' it
will happen.

Title: *The Leap In The Dark*

In the rills,
On the hills,
Up from the soul,
The music's deep roll.
From God's choir,
A chorus of fire,
Welcomes us in
No more in enslavement,
Ransomed from sin
Fields ever vernal
Trials vanish away
The kingdom of glory
Day after day
Sunshine the story
Weeping no more
Love before you
The emerald shore
From death's slumber
We are set free.
Where there is Heaven
Song there will be
Peace now a given
Jasper lit sea.
Luminous sunshine;
The glorified throng
Proclaiming evangel,
Of sanctified song;
Every bright rafter
Praise we can hear.
Sunlight to meet us;
Joy always there.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 31.Dec.2014 -Arr]