Thursday, 4 February 2016

Title: *First Degree Love *

Title: *First Degree Love *
To love 
Another freely, 
Is God's love,
In the first degree,
Serenaded with 
Scented blossom
Makes the effect
Additionally awesome.

In honor of our
Time-tested friendship,
I wish to kiss 
Your delectable lip,
With a sultry 
Hue of red, 
Beneath the tender 
Blue skies ahead.

In breathless gasps; 
As our eyes meet 
We become complete.
Our passion is a fire
Of wholesome and 
Godly desire.

Softly speak my name
And I shall fall
Real deep,
Rendering you my 
Heart to keep,
Until the end of time. 
Your scent is 
Utterly sublime;
Sweeter than 
Any perfume,
Even gentler than 
A rose in bloom.

Your beauty 
Is unbelievable,
Yet totally perceivable.
Touching you 
Is rhapsody anew,
Of caring interaction,
Perceived with
Laughter, tenderness,
Feeling and passion.

Come my miracle worker 
And let's snuggle up closer 
That you may see 
The love shining 
Through my eyes.
The deeper you look,
The sweeter will 
Be our prize.
Wise Poetry 
with animated art
by Rev.Bola
[24.Dec.2015 ]

Title: *Empowered by Love

Title: *Empowered by Love*

Your subtle cry 
Caught my eye.
Mysterious essence
Oh Mystical
You complete 
All I desire, 
With contentment;
That I may let go,
My hidden resentment.

Electric pulse 
Racing heart;
Nothing false
Triumphant start.
My Higher Power 
A voice upon which I
Wholeheartedly rejoice.

Such beauty 
Yet utterly 
You awaken 
Like the wind,
All who have sinned;
By the mile,
Your tender kiss
And loving smile.

You're everything 
O kindest friend
Sweet generous pal. 
Like a well that 
Never runs dry,
Can You bless my day
In your wondrous array
Of replenishing sky?

All thine elements 
Be as stars,
That never 
Fail to shine. 
Steadfast to re-align,
I step forward
In your direction.
For only there - 
May my fragile soul 
Experience true

Wise Poetry 
with animated art blingee
by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 31.Oct.2015 -ARR]

Title: 'The Solution'

Title: 'The Solution'

Rescue me, Lord, 
From evildoers.
Please send me Lord
Your angelic renewers;
That I be happy 
With a new content,   
Protect me from 
The violent;
Who devise evil plans
In their hearts,
Quench their assaults
And fiery darts.
They stir up 
War every day,
Though angels have
Their modest way.
Persisting relentless
In their wrongs,
Evildoers make their tongues;
Sharp as serpent lents
Subject and servile
To all discontents.
The poison of vipers
Is on their lips, 
As an irrecoverably 
Dark total eclipse .
Keep me safe, Lord,  
From the hands 
Of the wicked;
Who bring with them
A constant dread.
Whatever their cruel 
Malice could invent, 
Protect me from 
The violent;
Those who devise ways
To trip my feet,
Those twisted faces
From the bottom
Of the street.
The arrogant have hidden
A snare for me.
They make more gashes
Where no breach 
Should be.
They have spread out,
The harmful cords 
Of their net;
So that the pleasure 
Of tonight becomes 
Tomorrow's regret.
Setting traps for me
Along my path;
That must sooner 
Or later become
A vicious bloodbath.
But I say to the Lord,
 “You are my God;
You are the master
I have adored.
"Hear, Lord, my
Cry for mercy.
I just cannot trust 
The downright dirty
Sovereign Lord, 
My strong deliverer
you shield my head 
In the day of battle.
You sort out all 
The sheep from cattle
Do not grant the 
Wicked their desires, Lord;
Lord, do not let 
Their plans succeed
They merely have become
Intoxicated with greed.
Those who surround me 
Proudly rear their heads;
As they plot in private
To cut my life to shreds.
May the mischief of 
Their lips engulf them.
May burning coals 
Fall on them;
May they be thrown 
Into the fire,
Where all their lie
Must retire
Into miry pits, 
Never to rise.
O to be released
From such pack of lies.
May slanderers not 
Be established in the land;
Because all God's people
Now take a stand.
But to the unfaithful,
May disaster hunt 
Down the violent,
At the forefront.
I know that
Love endures,
And the Lord secures 
Justice for the poor.
He upholds the cause,
Of the needy 
And insecure.
Surely the righteous 
Will praise your name,
And the upright will
Stake their claim.
Enjoying your essence,
Abiding in your presence.
Wise Poetry 
with Animated Blingee Art
by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 20.Mar.2015 -Arr]

Title: We don't have to "grin and bear it"

Title: *We don't have to "grin and bear it"*

O God,
All thanks to you
That I do not 
Just have to 
Grin and bear it.
As I am now willing
And able to share it.

I have Almighty God 
To turn to in prayer.
The ultimate Power 
I can trust as my Carer

 I always have 
The Holy Spirit within me 
With the full authority
To comfort and guide me.

I have my wondrous
Loving Savior, 
Monitoring my righteous
And Godly behavior
He is the shepherd, 
I hold in the 
Highest regard

I have God's Holy Trinity. 
To protect, shield  
And care for me
I thank You
And I love you 
For availing me of
Peace in every hour.
Wise Poetry 
with Animated Art blingee
by Rev.Bola

Title: *Twinkle Jamboree

Title: *Twinkle Jamboree

Strong branch 
Simple brook
Registered in
Nature's book.

As dark, shallow 
Waters swim,
We bang the tins 
And bawl the hymn.

Patiently poised, 
Sweet Spirits,
All our evenings 
Dimly lit.

From clean 
Water pumping;
The weak
Arise jumping,
With all that,
Father taught us.

And beside 
Serene Lotus
Lingering, we fall...
Crazily in love, 
With His 
Tender call.
Wise Poetry 
with animated art blingee 
by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 18.Jan.2015 - ARR]

Title: *Writers Blocks and Choices

Title: *Writers Blocks and Choices*

I decided to write,
A poem today,
And simply let the ink 
In my pen run away
Today I won't be stopped
By writer's block
Or stare at empty screen
As I watch the clock.

Today, it matters not
If I'm seen or heard
Or whether I obtain 
Some just reward,
I simply choose the freedom
To bare my soul,
To be honest, candid, truthful,
In my writing role.

No matter the topic,
Irrespective the play
I'm determined to be
A writer today.

I could write of pleasing friends
And Christmas toys
Perhaps of flirting games
Between girls and boys

I could even pen realities 
Of our life on earth
About the saving grace 
Of our precious King's birth
Employing words that paint, 
Life's many shades and hues, 
In a various degrees, 
And grades of the blues.

I could write about soft blues, 
The sky blues, the sea blues?
I may even start to pen about
The Hill street blues,
Today I could write about
The many types of blues...

There is the ....
'I ain't got me no money' blues.
Then of course the....
'I ain't got me no honey' blues, 
Together well known as the...
'Double portion' blues.

Or, maybe even write about,
Those lingering winter blues,
Of the you know who's
'Can't manage to wear
Those new pair of shoes,
Can't change, won't change'
Same old, same old

No! No!
Forget today about 
The Christmas blues,
My Santa's colors are 
Rich in green and red.
As is, my merry winter tree,
So I will write about that, instead.

The Christmas tree angel
Is a shimmering gold,
As was, that Star in the sky 
Sparkling, brilliant and bold.
And that Glorious Angel 
Gabriel, who foretold,
Visited dear shepherds
At night in the fields;
Of wondrous news
About the heavenly birth,
He filled their hearts 
With exuberant mirth.

I'll forget for today the
Language of the blues
To write about Gold, 
Frankincense and Myrrh;
And the gentle baby born,
Of a life so pure.

I'll pen Christmas rhymes 
Today, with hymns of praise,
And dance in the rhythm,
Of the drums of Grace.
I know my words will slip
 Into their rightful place,
As I look into the beauty,
Of my Saviors face.

Wise Poetry 
with animated art 
by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 22.Nov.2015 ]

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Title: love | forgiveness | hatred

Title: love | forgiveness | hatred

Hatred stirs 
up strife, 
But love covers 
all offenses.
Yes love, 
the elixir of life
Erases all 
What every 
wise woman knows
Is that she 
is a Rose 
of Sharon, 
A lily of 
the valley
Dancing along 
life's narrow alley; 
A lily among 
the brambles.
Her desire 
as a maiden 
Is tender, 
Never heavy laden.
Bathed in fragrance
is where 
she once stood.
As an apple tree 
Amidst all the
saps of wood.
Her life's 
Like a breeze
Of cool fresh air,
Fostering only good.
O north wind awake
For deliverance sake
And come,
Right now 
to follow, 
the beetles hum.
O South wind, 
Grant her pardon.
And blow upon
Her scented garden. 
That its sweet 
fragrance may
Waft abroad, 
through nature's 
perfect sum.
Let thy beloved 
come with, 
tantalizing play
this very day -
To that garden 
and her, 
choicest fruits 
to eat 
Plucking ripe 
From such 
tender shoots;
Of blackberry 
and beet.
Arise, my love 
My sweet one,
And come away.
Let the Will
of God be done, 
Fair play.
For there is,
No other way.
Like a flash 
of vision,
From the soul 
At dawn,
The winter 
is now past,
At last, 
the rain is gone.
Bright flowers
Appear over all
the earth; 
Breathtaking and 
given to birth.
Love is neither 
blind nor dumb, 
The time 
of singing has
finally come.
Thus we can 
now rejoice,
That the 
heroic voice, 
Of the turtledove 
Is heard in 
all our land.
Tonight we might
gently understand,
Why the fig tree 
Puts forth, 
its figs, 
And the vines 
in blossom, 
Give forth 
dazzling fragrance. 
Arise, my love,
My fair one...
And come away,
To join me in
This wondrous 
Wisdom Poetry by Rev.Bola A
(copyright: 21.8.12 -ARR)