Thursday, 16 February 2017



With Genesis, I know and declare...

G.iving thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah.

E.ach day in sweet communion.

N.ow are the days fulfilled.

E.arth today rejoices.

S.oftly the Light of God shines. 

I. am safely anchored in Christ.

S.oon we shall see the glorious morn.

With Genesis, I choose to be...

G.entle, a kind soul

E.ffervescent, sparkling with life

N.oble, spiritually aware

E.loquent, the gift of expression

S.incere, staying true

I.nspiring, motivating others for good.

S.ensitive, keenly perceptive

With Genesis, I now manifest...

G.od's will be done forever.

E.ngaging in our Father's work

N.ever bowing to discouragement

E.agerness to serve our Redeemer

S.afety in the Word of God

I.nterest in helping others

S.eeking God's face always.


Poetry by Rev.Bola



Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Additional Notes:-

I composed a piece of meditative instrumental music, 

to go along with this poem, of the same title. 

You can download a free copy to listen to at

the following link:-

Share GENESIS_VMC_04.wav - 3 MB

Friday, 10 February 2017

Title: *What'a Shizzle* - Gangsta Rap

Title: *RAP ARTISTS* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola

Preliminary Notes:-

For a while now, I have felt it would
be useful to stretch myself outside my
creative writing comfort zone, by trying
my hand at different styles of poetry 
and leaving no stone unturned.

What started out as a simple experiment,
has become a process of self-discovery,
from which I have gained a great deal 
of insight and joy.

The process has meant, suspending all my
own judgements and prejudices, to pursue
every available style from classical
literature such as Shakespeare, Limericks,
Japanese Haikus, Tankas, Sonnets, Mother Goose
nursery ryhmes rhymes, to modern freestyle, 
hip-hop, and more. 

My poem below, is another attempt at Rap poetry.
Before this fun experiment, I would never have 
considered myself a gangster rap poet, and I 
still don't. But it's certainly been a great 
deal of fun trying. 

Title: *What'a Shizzle*

Yo! gimme all your
Dollaz this second,
Before I pimp 
Your Christian head,
He said.

You oughta know
By now that
I'm a low-down
Dirty dread.

Don't care about 
No janky sistas,
Talking Biblical babble,
'Must go turn 
That tap off, 
With my switchblade. 

'Cos only a pimp, 
Knows whatz'up,
With the grill, 
Been born to steal,
Spot the deal,
From a mile off 
That's for real,
Then go chill.

To hit that raid,
Gotta upgrade.
Get me my G-ride
Earned with pride;
Above the law,
On hells naw. 

Gonna bust a cap, 
On dat mofo,
Take a nap,
Playing bingo.

'Cos only a pimp 
Knows what's up,
With the grill. 
Been born to steal
Spot the deal
From a mile off, 
What's for real,
Then chill.

She chimed,
Getting fat y'all,
Playing cool cat y'all,
Why you bros 
Always jumpin' crazy 
Like that, y'all?

You'll get numb
Acting as dumb,
Kickin' up the flows
Is gonna lead to blows.

Like once an Esse,
Always an Esse. Wooo!
Always doing what, 
An Esse does best, bro!
Now we gotta clean up, 
That pile of civic mess, yo!

Cos y'all 
Don't care about, 
Your Christian sistas
Talking Bible babble.
You have to turn 
That tap off, 
With your switchblade. 

How sad to
Pin your future, 
On the perfect heist.Yo!
When you can gain
The perfect life
In our Savior
Jesus Christ. Bro!

Rap Poetry
by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 11.Feb.2017]

Ephesians 4:19 
They have become callous and have 
given themselves up to sensuality, 
greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

Romans 3:15-16 
“Their feet are swift to shed blood; 
in their paths are ruin and misery,

Luke 13:3
No, I tell you; but unless you repent, 
you will all likewise perish.

Acts 3:19 
Repent therefore, and turn again, 
that your sins may be blotted out,

Love Rev.Bola 
{Pastor/Life Coach/Artist/Poet/Musician} for:-

1* Christians Victorious Fellowship & CIR UK
2* Nottingham Depression Support Group - UK
3* Nottingham Happiness Project Group - UK

Friday, 26 August 2016


Title: *THE HEALING GARDEN* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola

Title: *The Healing Garden*

A big hole 
Existed in Tayo's 
Life and heart

Where her parent's
Love and respect
Ought to have been.

She longed for 
Freedom from the start
And for the energy
Between them cleared
And free of sin.

Tayo never felt 
Respected or readily
Understood by them.

All Tayo's life, 
She yearned to 
Know from whence 
This pain did stem.

She noticed how they
Treated her differently
From all her siblings.

Regularly handling her
Own life with far less 
Thought or barings.

Tayo felt their manner
Towards her condesending.
She sensed that something
Clearly needed mending.

Since she candidly 
Was so full of caring
And compassion.

She could not imagine
How her parent's attitude
Could become such fashion.

Both mother and father
Would often tell her 
How they loved her.

Yet their tone and actions
Never matched those 
Of a cherished daughter.

So, each day Tayo
Would sit in the 
Gentle meditation garden
To relax and pray.

Faithful that the angels
Would guide her steps
Carefully along the way.

This special garden
Rich in fragrance
Joy and calm.

Exuding peace that
Helped relax her
And release her 
Mind from all alarm.

Right there in 
Nature's stillness was 
Her healing balm.

So, though the sense
Of parental neglect 
She felt was real.

God's loving touch 
In this sweet garden,
Is what helped her
Precious soul to heal.
Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright - 25.Aug.2016]

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Title: *ORANGE SUN* - Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola 
Poem 1.

Title: * What Colour is Summer *

The orange sun is found
Silently meeting Faith, 
Through every colour;
Triumphing gently like a 
Vigorous violet season
in bloom.

It winks, just for a while,
As white cloud rapidly
Reveals a blue lover.

It never compels,
The jet black night,
Nor faces it alone,
By uninviting rich shades 
Of colour, and not including 
Gentle tones of white.

For, where is its 
Full range in that?
And what after all, 
Is its true colour?

Divine Presence, 
Presents itself as a
Cool, and calming 
Silver smile;
Fulfilling, full faith
And feeling,
 With its exquisite blending
 Of blacks and whites

Through myriads
Of courageous tones 
And majestic hues,
Can we thereby witness, 
How sweetly,
All true love endures.
Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 7.July.2016]
Title: *THE COLOUR OF SUMMER* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola [Summer 2016]
Poem 2

Title: *Stormy Beds of Passion*

Whether over or under cover,
The re-birthing breathes on.
Therein, lies passion within 
The fears and the heights.

Yet, does only one cheek
Arise as a hot rose.

No, they don't always 
Bring forth rainbows,
Nor do they always 
Embrace with hate.

Alas, by desire, one has sought 
The eye, and the light of God!
The wild vision has been granted.
So why not simply enjoy the gaze?

Then, go kisss...
And embrace those stormy beds
of passion!

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[7.July.2016 - ARR}

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Title: *Clarity Pyramid*



scattered hulks
trucks carve the valley
bones of old industry
transportation for the living
hot electric storm afternoon

Poetry by Rev.Bola

Title: *God Knows*

Title: *God Knows*

Am I truly 
Being wise?

Or merely being,
Fooled by lies?

Am I genuinely,
Being good?

Or really being, 

Am I truly,
Sweet and kind?

Or really being,
Naive and blind?

Are my actions truly 
Generous and giving?

Or merely condoning, 
Of rescue, and enabling?

Am I genuinely strong?

Or merely afraid of
Ever being wrong?

Am I honest,
In my feelings,
Of being right?

Or really acting 
From hurt and spite?

Am I conscious in behavior, 
As one who is saved?

Or largely in denial, 
I have ever misbehaved?

Am I sincerely,
Right with God?

Or attending in church,
Because I'm 
Lonely and bored?

Whether I'm
Genuinely free, 
Or saved from hell

It's God,
Who really knows, 
And time will tell.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 29.Jun.2016 -ARR}


Friday, 6 May 2016

Title: *Fragments of Happy Biography

Title: *Fragments of Happy Biography *

Yesterday is not
Mine to uncover,
So I let it pass by 
Like a forgiven past lover.

Tomorrow is mine still,
To win or to lose; 
 I have the power
And freedom
To choose.

I run my race to 
Cross the finish line.
I keep my face
Toward the sunshine;
And I will see,
Not a shadow,
Only a brilliant glow.

If the negativity
Appears to destroy,
I find a place inside,
Where there's joy.

Because the joy will
Burn out the pain,
Soon I am laughing
In the rain again.

I live life to the fullest,
Always allowing the greatest.
Focusing on the positive, 
Rendering my heart to give.

In speaking the
Truth with love,
Will we  grow into Christ;
Only the highest
Shall suffice.

To be carnally minded
Means death; to be spiritually
Minded brings life and peace.
By such does our happiness,
And prosperity increase.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 1.May.2016 - Arr]