Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Title: *What I Really Really Want

Title: *EARTH HARVEST ANGEL* - Animation by Rev.Bola

Title: *What I Really, Really, Want.*

I want all of life on Earth
Entirely free from suffering
I want everyone in our world
Happy and prospering
I want every person no exception
To be blessed and to gain
I want all of planet Earth
Completely free of pain

I want every human
Relaxed and at ease
I want our world to overflow
With serenity and peace
I want our Earth free
From every strife and war
I want every person to
Be rich, and never poor

I want every human
In excellent health
I want every person
Flowing with wealth
To have everything
They need and
To never be short.
I want everyone to have
Only love and support

I want everyone to have
Happy homes of their own
I want each one to feel
Yhey are never alone
I want every person
Safe and secure
I want everyone
To know love for sure

I want every person
To have self-esteem
I want every person
Fulfilingl their dream
For each one to spread
Their love and light
Because everyone knows
The other is alright

It would take but
A moment, to cease
All our despair
If we humans all paused
In union to share,
Just a minute one day
To contemplate this prayer
By the might force and Power
Moving Earth Water Fire Air.

Therefore whosoever you may be
Whatsoever place you are
With your deepest heart's desire
Come join in with us,
At the 00.00 hour;
When we call, create,
Command and concur,
Our Holy *HX4* or
Our *Humanity's-Heavenly-Happy-Hour*,

I'm sure God
knows this prayer
And certain, God
does understand
When I say what
I really want
Is Earth fully back,
Under His Loving Hand.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 1.Nov.2017.

Psalm 34:14 :-
Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

Luke 2:14:-
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among
those with whom he is pleased!”

Title: SERENITY - *Life 111*

Title: A SERENITY ANGEL - Animated Art by Rev.Bola
Title: SERENITY - *Life 111*

I have learnt that...

Every heart will get
What it prays for most.

Love is the only 
Real richness; 
All other kinds 
Of richness 
Are deceptive. 
They are ways 
To cover up 
Our emptiness

Like a sculptor,
I must carve my
Friends out of stone.
I realize my own
Inner sight is blind
I must try to see 
Value in everyone.

Freedom has no 
Winners or losers. 
Just choosers 
And choosers.

To conquer the large,
I must begin 
With the small.
To change the world,
I must begin by 
Changing myself.
What needs to be
Changed is simply
A point of view.

The butterfly counts not 
Months but moments, 
And has time enough.

The sun and moon 
Sometimes argue 
Over who will tuck 
Me in at night. 

If you think 
I am having 
More fun 
Than anyone 
On this planet, 
You may be
Absolutely right

Therefore tomorrow 
Is a new day;
I will begin it 
Well and serenely 
With too high 
A spirit to be 
Encumbered with any 
Old nonsense.

Come join me 
Now in silence
That we may 
Listen to the loving
Whispers of our God.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 2.Nov.2017]

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Title: *PSALMS* - Acrostic Poem

*PSALMS* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola
Title: *PSALMS

P.latform for the
M.anual of
S.piritual support.


P*lease deliver me from harm
S*ave my life from sin and temptation
A*rise in me renewed with your
L*ove so unconditional that
M*anifests joy, health, wealth, and
S*erenity of being in Christ Yeshua, Amen.


S.oul system
A.pplications for
L.iving Christ's
M.inistry of


P*icturesque, strikingly beautiful
S*oulful placing God before self
A*rticulate, everything sounds simple
L*ively, with love of people
M*erry, abundant, and joyful
S*killful, ever up to the task.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 15.Oct.2017]

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Title: *RAINBOW TWINKLE* Unicorn

*RAINBOW TWINKLE* Unicorn - Animation by Rev.Bola

Title: *Spirit of Unicorn*

Dear Spirit of the Unicorn,
Please come and rescue me
I'm now in so much trouble
Please help to set me free

I know that God must love you
To give you such beauty
I pray please work a miracle
With Christ to set me free

I promise if you do this
I' ll do my best to please
Christ Jesus for His blessings
And you, for my release

I pledge to use your power
To help and heal mankind
This time and crucial hour
No other help is there to find

All honor, respect, and praise
For you great beings of love
Come quicky to my aid now
With God's blessings from above.
Poetry Prayer by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 14.Oct.2017]

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Title: *Actions Speak*

Title: *KING OF THE FOREST* - Animation by Rev.Bola
Title: *Actions Speak*

Deeds not words.
Flying free like birds
Bold and righteous
Gentle and courteous.
Heaven's light in the darkness
Illumination mixed with kindness
Standing strong, standing tall.
Holy Spirit guiding us, 
Holy Spirit watching over us.
Holy Spirit blessing us 
With abundance and surplus
We are always free.
We have our dignity.
One nation, one people.
United and simple
Freedom or death.
Drawing joyous breath
Love of the people, 
Living from principle
Strength of the nation.
Release from frustration
Prepared for all.
Standing firm and tall.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 11.Oct.2017]

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Title: *Your True Colors* - What Color Are You?

Title: *YOU CAN BE A RAINBOW* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola

Re: What Color Are You?

Poem Title: *Your True Colors*

Which color are you,
or your family
Today, are you...

Beige like a field of wheat?
Beige as a pancake?
Beige like garlic cloves, or
Beige as the pages
Of an old book?

Might you be,
Beige like mashed potatoes?

Are you,
Black as a coal mine?
Black like a funeral procession?
Black as a piano key, or
Black like a graduation gown?

Might you be,
Black as the space between galaxies?

Are you,
Blue like a mountain lake?
Blue as a drowned corpse?
Blue like a Jazz note, or
Blue as a summer sky?

Might you be,
Blue like the tropical seas?

Are you,
Brown as a paper bag,
Brown as an autumn leaf,
Brown as an old boot, or
Brown as the forest floor?

Might you be,
Brown as chocolate milk?

Are you,
Gray as a foggy October morning
Gray as a stone fence
Gray as a metal ruler, or
Gray as a cemetery headstone?

Might you be,
Gray as fresh concrete?

Are you,
Green as a Christmas wreath
Green as a field of clover
Green as envy, or
Green as a dollar bill?

Might you be
Green as a newly mowed meadow?

Are you,
orange as a flickering flame,
orange as a freshly cut mango,
orange as a prison uniform,
orange as an open flame?

Might you be,
Orange as a life vest?

Are you,
pink as a kitten's nose,
Pink as a flock of Flamingos,
pink as a piggy bank, or
pink as a newborn rat?

Might you be,
pink as cherry blossoms?

Are you,
purple as a berry smoothie,
purple as a fresh bruise,
purple as a field of lilacs,
purple as a pile of amethyst?

Might you be,
purple as a church in Lent?

Are you
red as a pepper,
red as a strawberry,
red as a poppy, or
red as a stop sign?

Might you be,
Red as a Ruby gemstone?

Are you,
white as a swan,
white as a marble statue,
white as a flock of sheep, or
white as a blizzard?

Might you be,
White as a field Lily?

Are you,
yellow as a dandelion,
yellow as an old tooth,
yellow as a pineapple, or
yellow as a honeycomb?

Might you be,
Yellow as a sunflower?

Are you Gold
As a wedding band,

Or Silver
As a spider's web?

Is being any spectrum color
An issue for you today,
Or are you free to be
Whichever color you choose,
Or Whatever color God chooses?

Are you stuck or attached
To a certain color in life
Or can you experience
The entire range of
Color spectrum?

How would life look,
If the world could see
Your true colors today?

Poetry by Rev.Bola

Scripture Notes:- 

Revelation 6:1-17
Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals,
and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a
voice like thunder, “Come!” And I looked, and behold,
*white* horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown
was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.
When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living
creature say, “Come!” And out came another horse, bright *red*.
Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that
people should slay one another, and he was given a great
sword. When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living
creature say, “Come!” And I looked, and behold, a *black*
horse! And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand.....

2 Chronicles 2:7
So now send me a man skilled to work in gold, silver,
bronze, and iron, and in purple, crimson, and blue

fabrics, trained also in engraving, to be with the
skilled workers who are with me in Judah and Jerusalem,
whom David my father provided.

Supplementary Notes:-
As an artist and professinal color therapist I am
enthusiastic about all aspects of color, tone, range,
and shades. I am fascinated by how color is expressed
in nature, and the beauty to be experienced by humans
from harmonious color design.

I am particularly touched by how color is expressed
through cultures, and through religious ceremonies
and practice. And on a personal note, as a woman,
I am enthusiastic about clothing attire and makeup.
Especially the influence that various colors affect
my mood, and the mood of others. 

Prison Inmate Experiment
A while back I read a report where color therapists had
conducted an experiment at a prison with very violent
inmates where fights were continuously breaking out
between them. It was recommended that the cell walls
of the most violent inmates be painted pink. On doing so,
the violence was reduced in the prison by 50%, over a set
period. It seems that colors do matter to us a great
deal on many different levels.

Some people associate the color of the Holy Spirit with
white light, whilst others associate the deep peace of
the universe with a serene, soft velvety, black.

Are there colors you associate with being positive or
negative, good or bad, or is a color just unique to
itself offering it's own particular attributes?
How about you having some fun today, noticing and
experimenting with different colors and how they
influence you.

My Prayer:

Dear Creator God,
I thank you so much for creating a universe
Full of, and rich in so many shades and
tonesof color. The splendor of your colorful
world is a pleasure for all created beings
to embrace and enjoy.

I thank you Lord, that you are not a boring,
monotonous, mechanized and robotic God,
as is Satan, the enemy of mankind's spirit.
The wisdom of your Creation and beauty
is amazing, impressive and something to
behold with awe.

I pray this request and beseech you and
your angels, with the energy ray of BLUE,
as I understand that BLUE is the color
of PEACE. May Peace reign on the Earth.

Help us to understand, appreciate and
respect your magnificense and beauty
in all the colors around us, for the
love and benefit of your Kingdom
through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Love & Light

Title: *Don't Settle For Less*

Title: *Don't Settle For Less

Sitting beside
My window pane,
Watching the sunlight
Then some rain,
I see a bird fly
Past and I realise,
That wings were meant
For reaching the skies;
Not to stay stuck
In this reality,
Of rigid ideas,
Hiding behind my
Doubts and fears,
Instead to reach out
With positive thought,
To the place above
Where miracles
Are wrought,
We must never settle
For the shackles,
Of sin's prison bars,
But keep reaching for
God, amongst the stars.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 6.6.2017]