Friday, 19 September 2014


Title:*HEART* Spiritual Gift Box - From Collection Painted by Rev.Bola


The Law of God

Perfect from the pod
A transcript of His perfection
His infinite affection. 
Not only Holy and just
Towards minds 
That willingly trust
And are likewise good
Yet often misunderstood, 
But calculated to promote
From eminence to remote 
The happiness 
That flushes the success 
Of vital subjects
Though not always by majority
To its divine authority. 

The Transgression
Of The Law - sin
A malignity and vileness 
Proportioned only by 
The vast purity and kindness
Of the Excellence of God. 
As the greatest of evils
Sin perpetuates its
Spiritual upheavals
Beneath its dark 
And dingy hood,
In Opposition to 
The Greatest good.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
{copyright: 19.SEP.2014 - ARR}

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Title: Are You *Depressed*? - Series

Title:*ROOT CHAKRA* Orb - from collection painted by Rev.Bola
Are You....

D is for Dazzling, with your wit and charm
E is for Exemplary, a role model
P is for Plucky, courage in the face of adversity
R is for Refreshing, stimulating company
E is for Essential, a friend of great importance
S is for Sensible, you always do the right thing
S is for Skillful, ever up to the task
D is for Dorky, adorably so?

Poetry by Rev. Bola

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Title:*Rock Of Strength

Title:*REVERSER ORB 9 - Spiritual Gift Box painted by Rev.Bola

Title:*Rock Of Strength*
If you're feeling weak
And comfort you seek
Let God be your 
Strong unshakable rock
You can always unlock 
The strength of His heart
Such power to impart. 
Without distortion; 
He is your portion
He is more than enough
And has all the right stuff. 
With happy speed
God is all you need
To become mature,
And eloquently sure
Well able to endure
Guided by reason
At the appropriate season.
Every bird must 
Have its nest.
It means having 
Your family’s best 
Not be given
To emotional upsets
Complicated knots 
And tangled nets. 
Funny how Dad's
Always the rock
In the family...see
He’s the 'go-to guy'
Who won't tell you a lie. 
The person you 
Can always rely on
To listen and dote upon. 
The one guy you may
Count on to be strong
Who will let you know 
When things are
 Right or wrong.
Being the rock
Means always doing 
What you say 
You will do,
Figuring out the best 
Possible way through, 
Remaining calm when 
The situation seemed
Chaotic and panic deemed. 
The rock is reason 
When emotion prevails
It's the wind in your sails,
It's compassion 
When hearts 
Appear hardened, 
Yet such imprisoned parts
Become humorous 
When least expected,
And a sad situation 
Can be corrected.

Wisdom Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 6.SEP.2014 -ARR]

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Title: *LOVE IS* - CIR Group Poem

Instructions for Poem participants:-

1. Everyone here at CVF,  is invited to join in this
group poetic writing project.

2. Consider this: What does *LOVE* mean to you?

3. Please add a line of your own to the poem,
starting it with the phrase 'Love is...'

4. Then sign your name in brackets after the line.

5. You can keep returning with more lines,
as you become inspired to add them.

6. You may wish to Copy and Paste, the entire poem
into your post, with your latest contribution
added to the bottom.

7. As this is a joint poem, please feel free to express
yourself creatively. There are no right or wrong
contributions. All are interesting.

8. Use any colour fonts or icons you wish...(or not.)

Below, I've provided the first line,
sport2's over to you poets!!!


CIR Members Group Poem.

Title:*LOVE IS*

Love is...seeing things from the other person's point of view.(Rev.Bola)

Love is...embracing pain, and joy, in adventure of two. (RR)

Love is......All things new.2 Cor.5:17. Dulcinea rose
Love is...a big bear hug from my best friend (Rev.Bola) sport2

Love is...holding a hand that is nearing the end (RR)

Love is...helping a broken heart mend (Rev. Bola)

Love is...seeing potential, buried, hid, (RR)

Love is...that of which the soul cannot be rid (Rev. Bola)

Love is...a language that is universally fit (mojojojo)

Love is...never-ending (mojojojo)

Love is...being angry when a loved one does ...

          .... something harmful to themselves (Teddybear)

Love is...sticking to Faith when the Devil has delved (RR)

Love that your sins have all been shelved (Rev.Bola)

Posted by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 31.Aug.2014] 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Title: *An Expansion of PSALM 24: 3-5 *

Title: *PSALM 24* - Visual Prayer Art from Set Painted by Rev.Bola

Title: *An Expansion of PSALM 24: 3-5 *
Who shall ascend 
The hill of the LORD?
Into such hearts 
Shall pure love be stored.
And who shall stand
In His Holy place?
God in His Mercy 
Shall lend him Grace.
He that has clean hands,
And a pure heart,
Who from the 
Word of God
Would never depart.
He who does not
Lift up his soul 
For what is false,
And is swift to respond
When duty calls.
He never swears, 
But shares God's 
Teachings peacefully.
He will receive 
The joy and blessings 
Of our LORD;
All righteousness 
From the God 
Of his salvation
Under the auspices
Of Divine intervention.
Response Poetry - Based on Psalm 24:3-5
by Rev.Bola (17.Aug.2014 -ARR)

Monday, 4 August 2014


Title: *REVERSER 3 Light Orb19 - Visual Prayer Art from Set by Rev.Bola
Clarity Pyramidleaves starfire dry grasses  a beady black eye each dawn, the broken calls a woman in the branches  there's a haze above the street signs ------------------------------------------------------Posted by Rev.Bola---------------------------------------------Note: A clarity pyramid is a poem consisting of two triplets and a single line (seven lines in all). The first triplet is one, two and three syllables. The second triplet has five, six and seven syllables. The last line is eight syllables.----------------------------------------------------------

Sedoka Poetry - *Bounded

Title:*REVERSER 3 Light Orb15 /Spiritual Gift Box from collection painted by Rev.Bola
Sedokaelephant alone jungles bounded on all sides the slow brown river flows on  trucks carve the valley his false shadow, painted skin girls in overalls on porch swings -------------------------------------------------Posted by Rev. Bola------------------------------------------Note: The sedoka is an non-rhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta of five, seven and seven syllables. ----------------------------------------------------------