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Title: ‘Things To Do Meanwhile’

Title:*SERVICE*Orb 4/ Gift Box - Painted by Rev.Bola

Title: ‘Things To Do Meanwhile’


Make a daily

 'To do' list

To ensure there's

Nothing that you miss.


Let it include

A healthy reward

For your achievement.


Do this so,

 The’ Great One’ in you

Won’t get bored,

Or experience

Painful bereavement.


Read a page or two

From The Holy Bible

Or from an

inspirational book

 For an hour.


Know that you

Clearly do

Have all the power.


Take breaks

 From your day,

To breathe deeply

You could gently walk

Or exercise with vigor.

Rekindle your

Innate sense of humor


When difficulties arise,

Take time out

To clear your mind

Of the many

 Thoughts you weave,

The doubt


Move your body

With some stretching,

Even when

At your desk.

You can doodle

Away with

Some sketching


The tendency to

 Gorge on food,

While listening to

A sad song

Can leave you

Feeling depressed.


Play with your

Children and pets -

Be a child again!

Pray with them

As the sun sets

Teach them

How to say 'Amen'.


Do something

Unexpected but nice,

For someone.

It matters not

Whether they be

Old or young.


Go to a park

Or shopping mall

And people-watch.

It’ll keep you from

Spending too much.


Cutting back

On junk food and

Caffeine consumption

Has been known

To assist with

Weight reduction.


Avoid negative

People and situations

When possible!

Stick with those

Who are both wise

And responsible.


Refrain from

Listening habitually

To depressing TV Ads

And radio shows.

Which tell of gloomy

Weak decisions and

How sad policies arose.


Listen instead

To inspiring speakers

By Internet, TV or CD.

Who can provide you

With the opening to

Your perfect remedy


Don't take on more than

You can handle.

Instead burn some

Aromatherapy oil or

Light a scented candle


Practice saying.

 "No thanks" more often.

That way even,

The headstrong around

 You will soften.



Your workspace

With uplifting pictures

And positive affirmations

Surround yourself

With simple yet

Beautiful creations.


As often as possible

I recommend,

You treat yourself

Like your own

Best friend;


With unconditional love ,

Kindness and support.


For that alone,

One may attend

No greater court…

Or higher end.


Poetry By Rev.Bola A.

Copyright: 26.Oct.2012


Title:*5 Short Poems*

Title: *PATIENCE*Orb30 /Gift Box - Painted by Rev.Bola
Title: *5 Short Poems*

Poem 1


Against the April wind

I saw the first pear,

By the window

In the old house, there.

Poem 2

A pen,

Of steel

At evening’s fall

A deed well done

At freedom’s call.

Poem 3

Made up

Of loveliness alone

Old wine, to drink

And, as we walked

The grass, was faintly stirred.

Poem 4

Beautiful and long

Has the summer sunlight

Shone, out of me,

Unworthy and unknown

Poem 5

Do you hear the rain?

As I hold your heart beat

Look back, with longing eyes

And know, that I will follow.


Poetry By Rev. Bola A :

(copyright 23.Jun.09 -ARR)