Sunday, 7 December 2014

Title: *Awakened to the Truth*

Title:*AWAKEN* C1 /Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

Title: *Awakened to the Truth*

Spirits forevermore
At the door,
At His feet,
Hastening to meet;
May His call be heard,
His every Word.

Angels join to pray
All night and day 
They sing;
Then shall they bring
Forth, by mighty hand,
The promised land.

In love and joy
Old bonds, 
And chains destroy.
All faithful men will see
Their Savior set them free,
On those glorious of days,
The gentleness of His ways!

The righteous approve,
With love, 
Their constant move.
Of peace and grace,
He grants dear souls 
More space,
From sin and wrong.
His love dwells strong,
And long.

Much delight and pride,
So commonly denied.
Love's foe made fully aware,
Of the common snare.
It's from depths as these-
Our God doth please.
For such a day-break,
Oh Careless world, awake!

The Lord hath spoken
His promises never broken.
All pain will pass away,
Without further delay.
Hence we must awaken, 
From this doom and gloom.
Our day has surely come;
A truth no time has shaken,
What divine steps 
Must be taken?

Oh, careless world awaken!

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola


Title: *EMMANUEL*C8  - from Set painted by Rev.Bola


O Israel.
Rejoice! Emmanuel
Hail thee, 
With majestic awe.
You gave the Law,
On Sinai's height,
Lord of might,

O Israel.
Rejoice! Emmanuel
And close the misery.
Safely lead us on high,
Towards our 
Heavenly home
Of  David, come,

 O Israel.
Rejoice! Emmanuel
And put to flight
Clouds of night
Thine advent here
O come and cheer.

O Israel.
Rejoice! Emmanuel
Victory over the grave
Thy people you save
From Satan's tyranny
Sword of Jesse, 
Now free.

 O Israel.
Rejoice! Emmanuel
O God appear
To this lonely exile here
Ransom captive Israel
Come now our
Sweet Emmanuel,
Do come.

Peace and Love

Title: *Filigree

Title: *Filigree_C2. Gift Box from Set by Rev.Bola

Title: Filigree_C1 Gift Box from Set by Rev.Bola
Title: *Filigree_C5 Gift Box from Set by Rev.Bola

Title: Filigree_C6 Gift Box from Set painted by Rev.Bola

Visual Poems by Rev.Bola {copyright: Dec2014 -ARR}

Friday, 14 November 2014


Title:*SALVATION* /Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola


Of his love
Of his grace
The saints above
See his face.

Reign with him
All glory bring
A wondrous theme
Let us sing.

For evermore
A spring of health
To the poor
A mine of wealth.

Victor of death
From the grave
Light and liberty
To the slave.

Removed our fears
And justice frowned
Reached our ears
The sweetest sound.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
{copyright: 14.Nov.2014 -ARR}

Monday, 27 October 2014

Title: *Our Relationship With Christ*

Title: *OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST* /Spiritual Gift Box from set by Rev.Bola
Title: *Our Relationship With Christ*
Our relationship with Christ is...
A heart like a vast room
That can pump up the volume
Simply the best
No matter the test
Rare as a gem
Will solve any problem
Keeping people at ease
Relaxed like a soft breeze
Life enriching and meaningful
A glass, half empty becoming half full
Light-hearted free from worries
Bursting with happy stories
Breathtakingly athletic at play
Getting better every day
Never prematurely giving up
Going to the last roundup.

Our relationship with Christ is...
Fair and just
Doing first things first
Mostly having it together
Like common birds of a feather
Bringing out the good in people
Demolishing all strongholds of evil
A calming quality so serene
Never to play the drama queen
Spreading words of truth
With the optimism of youth
Problem solving so intelligent
Speaking up and eloquent
Showing courage in adversity
Melting all calamity.

Our relationship with Christ is...
Filled with genuine charm
Never to harm
Of abilities that shine
A spiritual life line
Gifted with talent
Ever so gallant
Even in the coldest spells
Cooler than everything else
Simply irresistible
Never taken for a fool
Entertaining with wit
A box office hit
Always thoughtful
Always accountable
An unspoiled purity
Shining brilliantly
Like a sweet blossom
Oh so awesome!

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[Copyright: Oct 2014 - ARR]

Friday, 17 October 2014

Title: *Our Protection In Darkness* - Series 2

Title:  *Our Protection In Darkness* / Visual Prayer Art  from Set by Rev.Bola

"Do not fear, 
for I have redeemed you; 
I have called you by name,
you are mine,"
 says the Lord.
-Isaiah 43:1 

† Recovery Prayer †
Thank you Father,
For Your promises 
that sustain me when
I am in the darkness.
You protect and defend me. 
You are the anchor of my soul.
Posted by Rev.Bola

Title: *Our Protection In Darkness* - Series 1

Title: *Our Protection in Darkness* 2 /Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

Wise Thought:

*Live in faith and hope, 
though it be in darkness, 
for in this darkness

God protects the soul. 
Cast your care upon God 
for you are His and

He will not forget you. 
Do not think that 
He is leaving you alone, 
for that would be to wrong Him.*
 ~ John Of The Cross

Posted by Rev.Bola
Pastor - Christians Victorious Fellowship (Int)