Thursday, 7 July 2016


Title: *ORANGE SUN* - Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola 
Poem 1.

Title: * What Colour is Summer *

The orange sun is found
Silently meeting Faith, 
Through every colour;
Triumphing gently like a 
Vigorous violet season
in bloom.

It winks, just for a while,
As white cloud rapidly
Reveals a blue lover.

It never compels,
The jet black night,
Nor faces it alone,
By uninviting rich shades 
Of colour, and not including 
Gentle tones of white.

For, where is its 
Full range in that?
And what after all, 
Is its true colour?

Divine Presence, 
Presents itself as a
Cool, and calming 
Silver smile;
Fulfilling, full faith
And feeling,
 With its exquisite blending
 Of blacks and whites

Through myriads
Of courageous tones 
And majestic hues,
Can we thereby witness, 
How sweetly,
All true love endures.
Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 7.July.2016]
Title: *THE COLOUR OF SUMMER* - Animated Art by Rev.Bola [Summer 2016]
Poem 2

Title: *Stormy Beds of Passion*

Whether over or under cover,
The re-birthing breathes on.
Therein, lies passion within 
The fears and the heights.

Yet, does only one cheek
Arise as a hot rose.

No, they don't always 
Bring forth rainbows,
Nor do they always 
Embrace with hate.

Alas, by desire, one has sought 
The eye, and the light of God!
The wild vision has been granted.
So why not simply enjoy the gaze?

Then, go kisss...
And embrace those stormy beds!

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[7.July.2016 - ARR}

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Title: *Clarity Pyramid*



scattered hulks
trucks carve the valley
bones of old industry
transportation for the living
hot electric storm afternoon

Poetry by Rev.Bola

Title: *God Knows*

Title: *God Knows*

Am I truly 
Being wise?

Or merely being,
Fooled by lies?

Am I genuinely,
Being good?

Or really being, 

Am I truly,
Sweet and kind?

Or really being,
Naive and blind?

Are my actions truly 
Generous and giving?

Or merely condoning, 
Of rescue, and enabling?

Am I genuinely strong?

Or merely afraid of
Ever being wrong?

Am I honest,
In my feelings,
Of being right?

Or really acting 
From hurt and spite?

Am I conscious in behavior, 
As one who is saved?

Or largely in denial, 
I have ever misbehaved?

Am I sincerely,
Right with God?

Or attending in church,
Because I'm 
Lonely and bored?

Whether I'm
Genuinely free, 
Or saved from hell

It's God,
Who really knows, 
And time will tell.

Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 29.Jun.2016 -ARR}


Friday, 6 May 2016

Title: *Fragments of Happy Biography

Title: *Fragments of Happy Biography *

Yesterday is not
Mine to uncover,
So I let it pass by 
Like a forgiven past lover.

Tomorrow is mine still,
To win or to lose; 
 I have the power
And freedom
To choose.

I run my race to 
Cross the finish line.
I keep my face
Toward the sunshine;
And I will see,
Not a shadow,
Only a brilliant glow.

If the negativity
Appears to destroy,
I find a place inside,
Where there's joy.

Because the joy will
Burn out the pain,
Soon I am laughing
In the rain again.

I live life to the fullest,
Always allowing the greatest.
Focusing on the positive, 
Rendering my heart to give.

In speaking the
Truth with love,
Will we  grow into Christ;
Only the highest
Shall suffice.

To be carnally minded
Means death; to be spiritually
Minded brings life and peace.
By such does our happiness,
And prosperity increase.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 1.May.2016 - Arr]

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Title: *Autumn Song

Title: *Autumn Song*

A rapid sun
With good clean fun
Brays imperiously 
Reflecting mysteriously
In honeyed ignorance

At a whirlwind romance
A credit to mankind,
Clearly and yet undefined
Softly and yet with passion. 
In flamboyant fashion
Autumn sleeps 
Whilst little Bo peeps
Into the morning. 

Midnight grows  
An early warning.
The autumn moon

From dawn till noon
Paints sky screens 
Behind the scenes
Spreading opulently
Past the stars that
Billow and blow

A brilliant glow
A golden sunrise
Across the bluest skies. 
Nature Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 1.Feb.2015 -ARR]

Title: *Home Truths

Title: *Home Truths* 

Perform every act
As though it
Were your last
Live in the present
Not in the past.

Give peace 
A chance
A liberal 
Point of view
And may all 
Creation dance 
The joy that

Lives in you.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 1.Feb.2015 - ARR]



If you are struggling 
With regret and are
Feeling down cast
Your key is to forgive
And heal the past.

If there appears to be a lot
To which you must aspire,
Your key is healing with
Earth, air, water and fire.

If you are seeking
The highest manner in
Which you must advance,
Your key is to meditate
For angelic guidance.

If you wish to be of
Service to the collective
Human kingdom,
Your key is to study an
Ancient skill or wisdom.

If your fears
Appear unfounded,
Your key is to Earth 
And be more grounded.

If your life seems stressed
And a full of aggravation,
Your key is to focus
With a daily affirmation.

Your key is to focus
Firmly on the present.
If the past is the place
Where your thoughts
Are rather frequent.

If your wondering
The best way
To achieve your 
Self improvement,
Your key is to focus on
Spiritual direction
And fulfilment.

If you wish to be
Reminded of your
Inner strength and light,
Your key is to wear
Gold on the right.

[Based on *Angels* by Angela Mcgerr]

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 2.May.2015 -ARR]