Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Title: *GOD'S HAND* Animated Art by Rev.Bola


Christ in my home
Christ where I roam.
Christ in my mind
Christ when I'm kind.
Christ if I cook
Christ where I look.
Christ when I read
Christ how I lead.
Christ while I play
Christ where I lay.
Christ as I eat
Christ when I'm sweet.
Christ as I wave
Christ being brave.
Christ to the North
Christ back and forth.
Christ to the South
Christ from my mouth.
Christ to the East
Christ as I feast.
Christ to the West
Christ when I'm blessed.
Christ as I pray.
Christ in the day
Christ in the light.
Christ through the night
Christ where or when
Christ my Amen.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
{copyright: 7.July.2015 - ARR}

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Title: *Self Motivation*

                      Title: *LAUGHTER* - Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

Title: *Self Motivation*

- Positive Affirmations -

I prepare

For success
By allowing
The very best
I accept
To explore
All possibility
I'm the master
Of my soul,
Of my life.
As I come to
The whole
My space is
Free of strife.

I maintain 

A positive attitude.
Living my life
With gratitude
I've been bitten,
By the love bug;
That creates
More miracles
Than any kind
Of wonder drug.
I am optimistic!
I am enthusiastic!
As I pursue
My vision quest
I always imagine
The very best.

I set my goal

However the dice
Of fortune may roll.
I expect to win
However those wheels
Of fortune spin.
Like dinner
Ordered from my
Favorite restaurant;
I get exactly what
I need and want.
Developing my desire
By adding joy
To flame the fire.

I believe in myself

As I plan my route;
Knowing precisely
What my life's about.
I take a step at a time
From the rough
To the sublime.
And with the
Greatest of satisfaction
I take consistent
Affirmative action.
I overcome
All difficulties,
By applying my
Mental faculties.
I continue to
Be motivated.
Things work out
As I anticipated.

I devote time

To pursuing my goal
Yielding myself to
The perfect whole.
Solving all problems
That come my way;
I take appropriate
Action without delay.
Rather than resist,
I simply persist.
I take my chances,
With every one
Of life's advances.

Making the best

Of each situation
I give up all
I never miss
The opportunity
To be a pillar
Of community.
I accept past failures
As my teachers,
My lessons;
Looking joyfully
To the receipt of
All my blessings.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola A
(copyright: 6 April 2014 - ARR)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Title: 'Acrostic Poetry'

Title: *SPIRITUAL GROWTH* Light Orb painted by Rev.Bola
Here is how to turn a negative situation into a positive
with an Acrostic Poem:-

D is for Diligent, a committed worker
E is for Excellent, full of merit
P is for Picturesque, strikingly beautiful
R is for Ravishing, an entrancing beauty
E is for Energetic, an indefatigable spirit
S is for Sacred, a dear treasure
S is for Scintillating, you shine brilliantly
E is for Ethical, guided by conscience
D is for Dependable, a reliable friend

Acrostic Poem by Rev.Bola

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Title: *Trusting God's Victory*

Title: *Trusting God's Victory*

1 Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, which giveth us

the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ.


Success need 

Not be a mystery
All Christian soldiers
Throughout history
Believed in trusting 
Upon God's victory.

With abundant Faith 
In The Son,
Certain the victory's 
Already been won.
Not just fighting 
Well or swell,
But fully demolishing
The strongholds of hell.

In God is no, 
Possibility for defeat
And my salvation 
Is now complete.
It's the devil
Who cannot take 
The heat,
And so must run,
Hide, and retreat.

The strength
I use is, 
Not my own,
For I rely on 
Christ alone.
Bestowing me
The winner's crown
He seats me on 
The victor's thrown.

Thus, I do battle 
And I'm secure,
Of matching straight
To Heaven's door.


Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola

(copyright: 23.Jun.2015 - ARR)


Friday, 12 June 2015

Title: *POETS ARE*

Title: *LAUGHTER* - Visual prayer art by Rev.Bola

Title: *POETS ARE*

Poets are not rough;
Poets are rugged
Poets are tough.

Poets are not petulant;
Poets are sensitive
Poets are verdant.

Poets are not tempestuous;
Poets are electric
Poets are industrious.

Poets are not infatuated;
Poets are curious
Poets are emancipated.

Poets are not morbid;
Poets are solemn
Poets are fluid.

Poets are not wistful;
Poets are innocent
Poets are wishful.

Poets are sunny
- And funny.

Poets are fearful
- And tearful.

Poets are right
- And bright.

Poets are wrong
- And strong.

Poets are believers
- And receivers.

Poets are broken
- And outspoken.

Poets are exotic
- And hypnotic.

Poets are subjective
- And objective

Poets are special
- And reverential.

Poets are writers
- And fighters.

Poets are our kin
And family.
Poets are just like,
You and me.

Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 5 May 2015 -ARR]


Title: *The Living Love Way*

Title: *The Living Love Way*

Living in Love,
The living love way,
My loving love,
And living,
Are here to stay.
Love for tomorrow,
Love for today,
Love when in sorrow,
Love when I pray,
I will be living Love,
The loving love way.
Whether love 
I must borrow,
Or love I must pay,
I'll forever love living,
The living love way.
Love when I'm sad,
Love when I'm gay,
The living love way.

Living Love and Light

Title: *God Is With Us*

Title: *Sacral Center Energizer* - Visual Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

Title: *God Is With Us*

Always showing appreciation
In your expression of salvation
Nothing keeps you down
Spreading sunshine all around
Never abandoning responsibilities
Blessed with talent and abilities
Motivating people for the better
Following Scripture to the letter
Your smile lights up the day
With heaven's power on display
A blessing to know
Of a peaceful glow
Seldom swayed by others
Never a love that smothers
So awesome
To blossom
Nothing ties you down
Of exuberance renown
Ever humble
Never to grumble
Ever exciting
Always inviting.

Thus by your
Sweet presence,
We know God
Is with us.
Wise Poetry by Rev.Bola
[copyright: 9Jun2015 -ARR]